Welcome to FLAG
United Kingdom

Established in 2001, FLAG UK has 15 years of programme excellence!

The FLAG UK focus is aimed predominantly at students in their senior school years in Scotland who would perhaps like to experience living in another country, attend a US HS, make new friends, travel and take a year out before returning to normal work or College/University. Over 150 Students Have Participated!


Meet Our International Partner
John Grant

Where It All Began

John Grant was successfully selected as one of only ten teachers/educators from his native country of Scotland to participate in an exchange programme with Michigan in October 2001 and he was based at Lansing-Everett HS, Lansing, during his stay. He visited several other HS in the surrounding area and quickly noticed the number of foreign-exchange students present in some of those schools. Upon further inquiry, he found out that they were part of an exchange programme called – F.L.A.G. and established a contact with Mazi Cunha – the CEO/ Founder and as they say the rest is history! At the time, John was particularly interested in Basketball and as a national team coach had tried to help some players achieve their dream of playing in the USA but found this impossible due to the specialised work involved in the process. He immediately accepted that this was not a sporting exchange and any student who applied to participate in the programme would have to accept the “whole exchange package” sport or not! He has been sending students to FLAG on a yearly basis since 2002 and to date over 150 have taken part – the majority being from Scotland.

John's Background

John Grant began teaching in September 1978 and was Principal Teacher of Physical Education at Arbroath High School from June 1991-June 2014. He also acted as a Faculty Head there on a temporary basis prior to a full-time appointment. He previously taught in Manchester for thirteen years as Head of Physical Education at two other schools. Over the years he has developed, written and delivered national materials and initiatives for his subject and has spoken to his profession on many occasions. He coached national teams in Scotland and England and at Great Britain level in Basketball and has attended/spoken at over 70 Clinics/Camps worldwide – again predominantly in the USA.

In June 2014 he retired from teaching and now represents F.L.A.G. as their sole International Partner in the United Kingdom, visiting comprehensive and private schools in Scotland, Ireland and England as well as several European countries to spread the word of F.L.A.G. and offer this unique experience to students in these schools.

He has been to the USA on many occasions and over the years has visited numerous High Schools, Colleges and Universities there, subsequently gaining a vast amount of knowledge about the country and in addition has also acquired substantial experience in international educational student travel and the process involved. John’s wife Alison joined the company in 2009 and undertook responsibility for all Programme Administration. In November 2015, former student Josh Perera joined the FLAG-UK Staff to assist John and increase the number of opportunities for students in new designated areas of the country. Josh will also shadow John and present at schools and other institutions in the future as FLAG looks to develop its presence in the UK and abroad.