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Welcome to FLAG's
East African Scholarship Initiative (EASI)

East African teens desire the opportunity to find a way to enhance their life. Many youth bear unspeakable suffering and venture onto the poorest streets, yet they hold a glimmer of a dream to learn a trade and receive an education. Within these teens, FLAG has found some of the richest souls-causing us to create our East African Scholarship Initiative (EASI). With your generous support, we hope to raise $12,000 scholarships. Each scholarship allows one African youth an exchange year in America, a local education and the hands-on experience of a trade craft.


What is EASI?

In January, 2016 FLAG brought the first high school students in the history of Uganda to the US for an international exchange experience designed to help them develop personal and professional skills necessary to participate in Uganda’s changing society and growing economy. The scholarships were funded entirely by individuals like you in the US who understand the power of international exchange to change lives and who believe in the potential of youth to create a better future in both Tanzania and Uganda.

Youth in developing nations are virtually excluded from international student exchange, yet, it is these youth that need to be reached the most. Extreme poverty, poor education rates, political and civil unrest along with the cost of international exchange is beyond the capacity of families living in developing nations. Although, if these same youth had the opportunity to receive an education and learn a trade craft, they would be able to engage in opportunities to increase their home countries labor force to sustain growth and increase economic resources.


EASI Program

Outbound American students work with Ugandan EASI graduates and Father Daniel to demonstrate best practice plant science applications.

EASI Program

Two full days of teaching agricultural classes occurred during the time in Uganda. Pictured are the students and adults who taught classes and the Ugandan students.

EASI Program

Inbound Ugandan student Ivan considers founding the Ugandan NHL.

EASI Program

One of our goals in traveling to Uganda was to learn about the agriculture in the country. Here, many native cattle try to cross a bridge the same time we are.

We See the Future

At FLAG, we see the future - a future where there is an opportunity for all. No discussion about the future of this world would be complete without talking about two things: young people and their dreams. Are you ready to support the dream?

Importance of International Exchange is Greater than Ever

  • Young people will change the world; it’s a fact.
  • 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 25 and will inherit responsibilities for addressing local, regional and global issues.
  • The majority of the world’s youth live in extreme poverty and feel disenfranchised from their communities.
  • Daily, we witness the types of decisions young people make, decisions without regard for society, when they feel left out and powerless to make positive change.
  • Certain regions of the world have little or no options for young people to develop skill sets necessary to reach their potentials and improve their communities.

“Of course some people think it’s impossible to have a major impact on the world stage from the comfort of their homes"

Those people have never had the privilege of being a FLAG partner in international exchange. At FLAG, we live everyday knowing it is impossible to fail to impart positive change throughout the world through the forwarding of our mission.

~Mazi Cunha, FLAG Founder & Executive Director
*announcing the establishment of EASI